Free Range Meat
All our free-range meat and poultry is reared to the highest standards and packed to reach you in the peak of condition
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Additive-free Beef

Our additive-free beef is specially selected from a small group of farms in the Eastern Highlands of Scotland.  The naturally-reared suckler herds are allowed to mature stress-free.  They are grass-fed on coastal pastures during the summer months and enjoy home-produced hay, silage and cereals in the winter.  The beef is aged for 3-4 weeks in Grantown-on-Spey, then cut and packed to your specific requirements.
Our outstanding Scottish additive-free beef is supplied once a month and is available when Drydown Organic beef is out of season.  Supplied as a 10kg approx. trial pack (1 rib joint, 6 sirloin steaks, 6 rump steaks, 5 packs stewing steak, 5 packs steak mince) or as individual cuts, it is despatched by overnight carrier from Scotland, for which a modest additional charge is made, and then delivered to your door by Jennie.

Free Range Pork

Our free-range, additive-free pork comes from pigs that spend their entire lives in an extensive outdoor environment, right up to the point of their humane slaughter. Traditional breeds  are ideally suited to the outdoor lifestyle while producing succulent, tasty meat.  The pigs enjoy a natural cereal diet that is free of genetically-modified ingredients.
Available year-round, cut to order.

Free Range Sausages, Burgers & Bacon

Old Spot sausages
Our sausages are made by Old Spot Farm in Sussex to their original recipes using local free-range meats, and are filled into natural skins with no artificial colouring or preservatives.  Remember not to prick the skins for maximum succulence!
Old Spot Real Meat burgers
Choose from 100% beef, lamb or pork burgers, or tasty chicken burgers.
Our bacon is produced from local free-range pigs with no added water or colouring. They are cured slowly in a traditional brine with molasses and juniper berries, for up to four weeks.  Selected green bacon is left to mature a little longer. The remainder is smoked over oak and mixed hardwoods in the farm smokehouse before being left to mature for at least 4 weeks.  Our bacon will keep for months, improving all the time.

Additive-free Traditional Chicken

We only sell traditional, farm-fresh poultry, matured and prepared in Sussex. This classic breed isn’t as hardy as some, so our chickens are best reared in large, airy barns where they thrive in more sheltered conditions.
Chickens are supplied as whole roasting birds or as cuts, such as breasts, thighs and drumsticks.  Available year-round.

Christmas Turkeys & Geese

Our Christmas birds make a wonderful centre-piece for any festive table.
The bronze-feathered turkeys are free-range and reared on an additive-free diet.  These old-fashioned birds range over grass pastures by day and are brought into sheltered barns in the evenings.  Sizes typically range from 5kg – 8kg.
The white turkeys are reared in large, airy barns where they are happiest.  They benefit from the same additive-free diet as our bronze turkeys and range from 5kg to 10kg in weight.
For the ultimate festive indulgence, the free-range geese are reared in grass paddocks on an additive-free diet and are between 4kg and 7kg.  We can also supply goose fat for perfect roast potatoes!

Ordering your Christmas fayre

The cut-off date for Christmas orders is 30th November 2019

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